Cleaning your dog's teeth is vital to his/her health
Dog Teeth Cleaning Products
Made in Canada Copyright 2007 CanCor Innovations Inc. All rights reserved. Fun n floss  is made in Canada.
Fun n Floss will freshen breath, clean teeth, and prevent infections caused by tartar.
Fun n Floss contains thousands of tiny fibers which work together to reach right down to the gum line. With every bite the fibers will get in between teeth and help remove plaque, tarter, and food debris
Above we used a thorn from a rose bush to demonstrate how the Fun n Floss works. As you know most chew ropes on the market are very hard and it is difficult for a dogs teeth to penetrate through the fibbers and reach the gum line. In figure 1 you can see the the thorn entering the Fun n Floss and in figure 3 you can see that Fun n Floss can reach right to the gum line.
Fig. 1 Shows a thorn representing a tooth
Fig. 2 Shows the thorn going deeper
Fig. 3 Shows the thorn reaching the gum line
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