Cleaning your dog's teeth is vital to his/her health
Dog Teeth Cleaning Products
Made in Canada Copyright 2007 CanCor Innovations Inc. All rights reserved. Fun n floss  is made in Canada.
Thousands of tiny acrylic fibers work together to get right down to the gum line creating fresh breath. These Clean Teeth Dog Products are 100% Guaranteed to not fall apart like other leading dog toys on the market.
Dental Pet Care.

Fun n Floss is 100 percent guaranteed for 3 months. We guarantee it will not fall apart if given to your dog for half an hour after every meal. This guarantee does not apply to damage resulting from accidents, abnormal use, misuse or abuse. 

If your toy happens to fall apart simply send the toy, proof of purchase, and a detailed letter explaining how long and how often your dog chewed on Fun n Floss to the address below ,and we will send you another Fun n Floss free of charge. This offer is limited to one return only.

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